Starseries Starladder Day 2 Reactions

I had a better sleeping schedule (only woke up at 6 am instead of 1). The three biggest things to note is that Na`Vi is out in a surprising upset by Astralis. The reason I call it an upset is because it reached overtime with Astralis losing the 30th round. It looked to be a possible Astralis choking scenario, but they were able to close it out. While Astralis hasn’t looked good in a while, there is still some hope.

The other big upset was VP going out after losing to Cyberzen and EnVyUs. They lost the form that won them ELEAGUE. Typical VP.

The last thing to note is the rise of the Chinese. They had a best-of-one upset with TyLoo beating Na`Vi and VG.Cyberzen upsetting VP. Both upsets were on Mirage. In some ways this mirrors the rise of Brazil to the top as they made Mirage their initial home map when they started upsetting NA/EU teams.

While I don’t think either is a top 10 team, at this point the Chinese teams are worth having in the global circuit. They play a really unique style and are good upset teams in best-of-ones.

Both TyLoo and CyberZen lost the winner’s match. TyLoo was close against Heroic, while CyberZen got destroyed by Cloud9. I don’t expect CyberZen to have a chance as they’re really one-dimensional. As for TyLoo, it’ll depend on Astralis’ form tomorrow.

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