Starladder Day 3 Reactions

At the beginning of all of this I predicted the top four teams to be VP, Na’Vi, Godsent and G2. All of them except G2 have been eliminated. VP was typical VP. It’s always been difficult to predict their form on any given day. Na’Vi got counter-strated by TyLoo in the map selection and ended on Mirage, where TyLoo used a crazy CT setup to beat them. They then ran into a strong Astralis in the lowers and lost the overtime.

Godsent was the most surprising as they started well then collapsed in losing to NiP (then to aTTax online for the ELEAGUE qualifiers and then to Dignitas). They still have a lot of work to do, and while I thought the team could work, I can’t justify them as a potential Tier 1 team anymore.

The other big surprise was Flipsid3 beating FaZe.

The big thing to watch is TyLoo vs Astralis game 2 and 3. They were both good games. Both were tense and exciting and had good play from both teams. Hopefully, some tournament gets TyLoo to a tournament. As for Astralis this result was big as they had been slipping for months before the Kjaerbye/CajunB trade and were still slipping afterwards. This is closer to what I had hoped to see from the team after the shuffle, so that’s a good sign.

The best player of the tournament so far has been dev1ce. He’s played the most competitive games and he consistently gets impact kills round after round. Really impressive play from him and dupreeh so far.

Also spam 2G for the deaths of each 1G in the VG vs EnVyUs match.

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