Dota 2 Season 6

The Dota 2 roster shuffle is over. In comparison to most other games, Dota 2 roster shuffles have always been massive and inexplicable. This is largely due to the majority of the power being within the players’ hands, which is different from a majority of other games. Contracts, buyouts, etc. don’t matter as much in the Dota 2 space, creating bizarre and strange trends in the meta of the roster shuffle.

In the post-TI4 world, everyone tried to copy the DK All-star style, with the most notable example being Team Secret.

After TI5 last year, teams copied EG and CDEC in having a mix of veterans with the skill of the pubstars. The prime suspects of this style were Liquid, OG, Secret, LGD and Fnatic.

So what about this season? Wings isn’t copyable because there isn’t exactly one thing about their roster that stand out from everyone else. The only thing you can say about Wings is they had the strongest and most varied style of any team, but it wasn’t filled with all stars or completely new faces. I think the biggest takeaway is that teams have given up the mix of old veterans and new talent as well as the all-star style of lineups. Instead, they’re going for some really strange mixes where the most you can think of a team is they may be good to who knows? China seemed to have the biggest shake up as a huge amount of new names to the international scene have taken spots in the top teams.

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