Be honest in your prediction

With Montecristo confirmed as not a participant at Worlds, I’d like for those remaining analysts to take a page from his book. For reference, I’ve only watched some of the world championships. For various reasons, I always find regional play alone and the league format boring. So this is just in reference to worlds itself.

I come from a very casual view, have played the game maybe five times in my life, barely watch it outside of worlds and so I get most of my information from either reading about the game from columnists or directly from the casters. As I’ve come to realize, most of the casters are bunk at being honest and playing up to the Western crowd.

If I hadn’t read anything about League of Legends or known who Faker was, I’d have legitimately believed SKT was the underdog to Royal. Instead, I was met with mass confusion as every analyst picked Royal to win. The same thing happened against when ROX played Fnatic last year. If it wasn’t revealed later that behind the scenes they all thought SKT was the clear favorites and ROX had a good chance to beat Fnatic, I’d have thought they were all bad analysts.

I understand why they do this, as they want to play to the crowd, but dishonesty isn’t the way to approach it. I can’t ever tell when someone is lying to me on a LoL desk now when they’re making predictions for a game. Are they doing it to play to the crowd or do they actually believe it?

So hopefully this year, they start being more honest in their opinion, especially as Montecristo isn’t there to give it to me straight up.

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