The Charm of FGC casting

If you were to ask me if I wanted an objective cast or a biased cast, I’d choose objective. CS:GO in particular does this well as they can still do hype without having to crutch on any kind of biased commentary to run it. But if a commentator can’t let go of their bias, you may as well embrace it.

The best example of this is in the FGC. There is bias and then there is FGC bias. Bias in any other game can lead to bad casts or analysis where you hype up a local team against the other (usually the Chinese or Koreans). It creates a lopsided commentary where one side is often neglected. I think the inherent problem is that in most games, bias is rarely admitted if it exists.

That’s the difference between FGC bias and every other game. Not only do they admit it, they tell it at the beginning of every match. Yet unlike a lot of other games, the skill of the player always stands out the most as the majority of commentators are still players themselves and they can’t help but admire the skill that is being shown no matter the player.

And even the complete bluntness of the bias takes on a comical turn as they joke about it themselves.They are always willing to blow up the player, themselves, the audience, the chat, whoever and they can easily go from one player’s corner to the other (Zhi and Yipes are the first two who come to mind when I think of this). Maybe that’s the trick to it is that no matter the regional or personal biases any caster has, so long as their strongest bias is to the game itself, it’ll show through.


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