Be bold in your predictions

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

This applies to every game and every analyst, but as Worlds is around the corner hopefully they take it to heart the soonest. When making predictions the most important part is the argumentation, the logic, the how, why and who will win or what conditions they can win under.

After that, I think the second most important thing is to be bold. Not in choosing an upset winner or not, but being bold in your prediction. If you think TSM or EDG or ROX will win then take a hard stance and say it. Because here’s the thing.

The majority (actually I personally believe almost all) the credit comes from the argumentation and logic anyway. After you do all of that you should nail it home with a strong prediction without waffling one way or another. And the worst case scenario is if you’re wrong and you get made a joke by a bnnch of plebs on reddit.

Either way you’re giving entertainment to the masses and that’s a good thing. Be bold.


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