Chiu on This
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Recently a bunch of teams have been bought or made partnerships with mainstream NBA teams. That’s cool, there’s a lot of money, publicity, etc. so it’s good for those teams. The strangest thing about this news is the amount of validation a lot of fans see in this news. It’s similar to when ESPN started covering esports and fans felt validated that the mainstream was now covering a bunch of different games.

While I think it’s all well and good to want more money to come into the scene and another space for content creators to get jobs, I’ve never understood the need for validation. While I appreciateĀ people who like my work, especially of those whose work I respect in turn, seeking validation or praise was something I was never interested in. The only place I believe that you can gain validation and respect from is the self. Did you live up to your morals, your actions, your words.

Or maybe I’m just too self-absorbed, hard to tell really.


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