The game of highlander

I’ve always viewed 1v1 competitive games as a gigantic game of highlander. Unlike team games where the purpose is to get 5 ppl and create a greater sum than its individual parts, in a 1v1 game it is only you and you alone. So teammates can neither help nor hurt you. You can’t be booted off for being toxic and you can’t stick around a team for having incredible social skills.

That’s the beauty of 1v1 games, its a giant Western Movie where one man can defeat the world. You just have to destroy everyone else along the way.  And thus the most competitive times of a 1v1 game are when the top tier player pool is most competitive.

This year of SC2 hasn’t been that with so many of the Koreans quitting, retiring and moving on. And with the rumors of SKT, KT and Proleague shutting down, this could be where this Western ends.

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