Worlds – stuchiu edition

I follow League very casually, but here are the things I’ve come to learn about Worlds and what to watch out for.

First, the farther forg1ven goes the more you should follow his twitter for hilarious retweets.

Second, there will always be an inevitable collapse of fandom screaming bloody murder when their favorite team gets eliminated. That is the best day to go to reddit.

Third, SwordArt is stuck in a live reenactment of Weekend at Bernie’s. But instead of carrying the corpse of his boss, he’s been carrying the corpse of NL and has been carrying him for years. The player to watch if only to see the spectacle of how far one man can go while carrying a dead body.

Fourth, maybe CLG will lose to a wildcard team again.

Fifth, Expect a random collapse from a Korean team and KT fans crying about how KT could have done better.

Most importantly just enjoy the pain of the fans.

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