Four years for one moment, one moment for four years

At Blizzcon 2013, the greatest story never told was Duckdeok’s. He had spent years fighting out of the darkness to get his one moment in the spotlight. One moment that could legitimize all of the pain, dedication and work he had put into SC2. He had a taste of it by winning WCS EU, but at Blizzcon it never happened. He had the biggest upset of the year, but was relegated to the side stream where no one on the venue got to watch him. He spent his last official game desperately trying to beat the prodigy Maru.

A few weeks later he retired.

At Worlds this year, it is Chawy’s turn. he has spent 4 years trying to reach the top, 4 years to play on the world stage, 4 years for this one moment. It was announced earlier that he was starting against EDG. Time to stand up and be accounted. Time to show the world what your 4 years were all about.

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