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Revolta reflects on stunning EDG upset

INTZ has made the biggest impact of any team through two days of the League of Legends World Championship. Its upset of EDward Gaming on Thursday was billed as perhaps one of the biggest in the history of the tournament, though INTZ lost to H2K on Friday.

Slingshot’s Andrew Kim caught up with INTZ’s Gabriel “Revolta” Henud after Friday’s match to talk about the upset, respect for the wild card regions and Brazilian pride.

Andrew Kim: Your team made an incredible upset victory; people are calling it the greatest upset in League of Legends history. How did it feel when you broke open EDG’s nexus?

Gabriel “Revolta” Henud: Honestly when we killed Deft under the inhibitor, we were like, “Oh my god, are we really winning? Is this really happening?” We were all stunned. After we broke the Nexus, three or four hours after the game, we couldn’t believe that we actually did it. We thought we’d wake up today and go “Yo, that was all just a dream.” But we felt so good because EDG is the team we watched the most and we said “we won’t be as good as they are,” so winning against them is great.

AK: We have to mention your performance on Lee Sin and Yang’s top lane Gnar. Your synergy was so amazing; was that something you guys already had?

GH: I love to play with Yang because when we are together, we have basically the same play style. We love to force stuff and play super aggressive, and we understand each other even though we don’t communicate that much. We worked on it before the tournament, because we usually work around bot lane, but sometimes you have to play around the top lane right now, so it just felt like the right game to play with top.

AK: Lee Sin is becoming a favored pick in the jungle. Do you have some pride in since you can say you played Lee Sin first?

GH: No, no, no. Lee Sin was played in scrims before the tournament. I just feel great that I played a good Lee Sin game. Lee Sin is a champion that I have always played and I’m known for being a good Lee Sin player in Brazil, so it feels great to show the world how I play Lee Sin.

AK: When we talk about Brazilian League of Legends, something that always comes up in the conversation is Brazilian pride. Although Brazil is still a wild card region, and people don’t really think that they have a chance getting out of groups let alone winning the world championships. Can you describe what does Brazilian League of Legends or esports pride look like?

GH: We know that winning the tournament is basically, I wouldn’t say impossible since anything can happen, but we would have to play out of our minds every single game in this tournament, and that’s super hard. But, we just want to improve every single person in Brazil knows that the team that comes to this tournament has to improve and go back to Brazil and teach everyone and improve the region as a whole. And then we come back better to the next tournament. That’s what happened every single year, and we expect to do so as well this year.

AK: One game two seasons ago, two games last season, now the goal is to get three games this season. Do you feel confident enough that yes, maybe this season you’ll be able to get three games in the your group?

GH: I think we have the capability of winning three games, I think it’s super hard, though. Because the teams in our group, EDG is a super good team. AHQ, we don’t know them and they don’t know us. And H2K knows us very well, so it’s a very tough group for us. Although people say it’s the weakest group, I think it’s probably the weakest group yes, but for us it’s a tough one.

AK: You mentioned that AHQ doesn’t really know you guys, EDG didn’t know you guys until yesterday when you beat them, and now H2K you said they know you very well, so what do you mean when you say “they know us?”

GH: We played a lot with H2K in our bootcamp. We stayed one month in Berlin so we scrimmed them a lot. They were the team that we played the most, so they know our play style they know when we play on top, when we play on bottom, they are the team that understands us very well.

AK: Do you think EDG’s unfamiliarity with INTZ led you to get that surprise win off of them?

GH: I think EDG didn’t know us at all. I think they watched our games, but when you see the IWCQ, you wouldn’t find the INTZ that played yesterday for example. So, if they look to similar games, they will see who INTZ really are. They’ll see how good we can be.

AK: Is worlds living up to your expectations so far? Did you expect something more?

GH: Obviously when we came into the tournament, our goal was to get out of groups, and we still have this goal, but just winning against EDG was super good. Everybody’s so happy right now, and it just makes us want more. We want to win, get out of groups, and then make every single Brazilian proud.

AK: Being the representative of Brazil, you mentioned that you wanted to make every single Brazilian proud. Do you think Brazil will be proud enough with just three victories, or do you want to go even further that in future world championships, no one writes Brazil off as a free win?

GH: I think nobody will write Brazil as a free win anymore after beating EDG. I think you can’t underestimate a team that makes it to the biggest tournament that League of Legends has. So, I think Brazil will be super proud of us just by winning against EDG, since EDG is a super good team, but if we make it out of groups we will be legends there.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games