Scheduling Fatigue

ESL New York will be remembered as one of the great events this year because of the incredible CS:GO that was played, especially in the playoffs with VP vs SK (first 2 maps) and the incredible third map between VP and Na`Vi. However, there was one clear problem with the tournament and that was scheduling.

Here was what was scheduled for the last day: Semi-finals 1, Semi-finals 2, Street Fighter Finals, Krewella Concert and Grand Finals. In essence, if you were a dedicated viewer you were watching for about 14 hours as every game went the distance and there were multiple overtimes. This meant if you were on the analyst desk you were working for even longer than that. By the time everything was done, everyone was exhausted and the only thing that was keeping them up was how great the games were being played and the adrenaline rush that causes. For context, mltiple EU fans went to sleep and woke up in time for the Grand Finals.

This isn’t the first time this has happened at an ESL event as they also had similar scheduling issues at IEM Katowice earlier this year. Hopefully, ESL consider how to change their schedule (whether that’s adding an extra day at the venue or doing double streams in the earlier parts of the tournament) as these are insane hours even for a viewer, much less someone who has to play or work during those times.

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