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Flash Wolves’ SwordArt on beating SKT: “I think we got very lucky.”

The Flash Wolves came through with one of the biggest moments of the League of Legends World Championship so far by beating reigning champion SK Telecom T1 on Sunday. Slingshot’s Andrew Kim afterward talked to Hu  “SwordArt” Shuo-Jie (through an interpreter) for a short interview about the win, what to do going forward and being hard on himself.

Andrew Kim: How do you become so strong against SKT?

Hu  “SwordArt” Shuo-Jie: I think we got very lucky. I don’t know why but whenever we play against SKT I get excited.

AK: A lot of the Flash Wolves got their signature champions along with Aurelion Sol. What was team communication like and did you all think “Wow, we got everything we wanted?”

HSJ: Not entirely. When we’re talking about last game, yes we got our main champs, but they chose really good champs that counter our main champs. So It’s not entirely down to just playing main champs, so I think we need to play well on other champs to whenever in the game it is called for.

AK: Your Nami play from yesterday — you landed some crucial bubbles and initiated at key moments with your ultimate. I then realized that you haven’t played Nami in a very long time. How is it that you keep such top form with a champion when you haven’t played it competitively for a long time?

HSJ: First of all, let me correct you, I didn’t play well yesterday it was really bad. If I would have played right, we would have won the game already. But I’ve been playing Nami since season 5 and we know that bot lane is important in the laning phase, so that’s why I chose Nami.

AK: People are calling this an upset. Do you agree or think this was a game that could have gone either way?

HSJ: At first I thought that they were the favorite, because we had two games we should have won but didn’t win. Then we had our backs against the wall, but we just went for it.

AK: What are the Flash Wolves going to do in order to have better performances in the next week?

HSJ: We’re definitely not the favorites right now; we’re 1-2. We must win all the games we have next in order to get out of groups.

AK: If you do get out of groups and go beyond, what is a team that you want to face and defeat?

HSJ: It has to be TSM because in IEM the year before, in a best of three, we won the first game but they won with a comeback and beat us, so it’d be nice if we could have revenge over that.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games