Managing Time

There have been some complaints lately in CS:GO from players about playing online matches right after they got a big event or during their travel time from place to place. As most leagues are willing to reschedule matches before the schedule is set, players and teams should take a few hours to hammer down a schedule for what they are doing from the beginning to the end of the online portions of the league. It’s not much different than planning your life our around certain events.

Here are some tips off the tip of my head: Get a calendar so you have a clear visual of what everything will look like.

Then X out all days at LANs and however many days it takes to travel to a lan and travel back. I find that after I travel back, I don’t feel like doing anything for day so add one more to that. Then X out all days that are obligatory sponsor event days. That will give a time frame for possible days.

Then everything after should depend on the team. Does the team think they will improve as the season goes on? Stack towards the end. Does the team think want to have an even consistent schedule throughout? Stack evenly. Does the team just want to get it over with so they can focus on the LAN part? Stack towards the beginning.

I know time management is a huge concern for players and while complaining at an org may work in the long run, doing what you can now will make it easier for you as well.

Slingshot senior columnist. StarCraft and CS:GO expert who pushes narratives over numbers.

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