The Art of the Trashtalk

Trash talk is one of the best things about any competition and is a contest of words itself. There are three things that compose trash talk: Popularity, wit and delivery. Popularity is how popular a single figure is. They get more leeway in trashtalk as they don’t have to be as witty. The biggest example of this is idra’s infamous, “This is a fucking joke…Fuck you.” Not the most creative of insults, but when SC2 is done and dusted that flame will live on in eternity.

The other is wit. One of my favorites is from Clearlove when he told someone roughly to go home and become a pig farmer. That is great because of the novelty, the conviction and the specificity.

The last one is delivery. It can be either be written, said or acted. The best example of this is Thorin trashing EnVyUs on the desk:

Perhaps the best one, that cannot be done often is the no trashtalk¬†trashtalk. This happened with KBrad, a big fan of the trashtalk. He once trashtalked¬†some player over and over and when they finally sat down to play their set in the tournament he got destroyed, didn’t win a single round. After winning the opponent calmly walked up shook his hand and said good game. Sometimes letting them stew on their own failures is the best trashtalk of all.

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