EE is EE

You can say a lot of things about EternaLEnVy. He’s a great player, a great thrower, arguably a great captain, self-proclaimed anime otaku, honest, obsessed with winning, someone whose always on the verge of breaking when he plays pubs, a living meme (probably the living meme) of dota2.

For all of that he is honest. It’s a rare sight to see in Dota2 where few players are willing to give honest unfiltered interviews and even less are willing to expose tournaments or orgs. EternaLEnVy is willing to do both (as seen in his latest expose on Secret you can read here (

It is refreshing to see a player be unafraid of any consequence and do whatever he thinks he should. As EternaLEnVy once said, “I just do anime things, I dunno.”

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