Worlds Week 2 edition

Week 2 of Worlds was just as funny as week 1. The highlights include:

ANX being adopted by EU despite not playing in EU LCS and being denied scrims in the assumption all EU teams would fail.

The awkward moment when everyone forgot H2k could still get out and then did so in first seed.

TSM bustering out after all of that mad shit talk against EU LCS.

TSM fans giving out death threats after dropping out.

Other TSM fans getting angry that people are bothered by other TSM fans giving out death threats.

Flash Wolves losing to IMAY after Road was suspended and a role swap and then beating C9.

A caster trying to choke out the words “NL carry”

After weeks of people talking about the gap closing prior to Worlds, Korea get out of their groups all in first seed.

Wildturtle being the MVP of H2k in the playoff stages with his incredible bracket drawing skill.

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