Elite Wolves left off DotaPit Americas list despite winning open qualifier

In a continuation of their troubles in 2016, Elite Wolves were left off the list of teams competing in the upcoming Dota Pit Americas qualifier despite winning the open qualifier held on FACEIT over the weekend. The announcement of Dota Pit’s second LAN event came today, but One Game Agency did not mention  Elite Wolves anywhere. Team WWD, the runner-up at the FACEIT open qualifier, was listed instead.

The Elite Wolves were banned in March from competing in Valve events, and it’s possible they were disqualified because of that. The ban does not apply to third party tournaments, though tournament organizers are free to enforce the ban in their own events at their discretion.

Stanley “Stan King” Yang, the captain of Friendship, Dedication, Love, seems to think that was the case and took to Twitter to share his feelings. If the Elite Wolves were banned after the completion of the tournament, Stan King says it’s unfair to other teams that participated and were knocked out by the Peruvian squad. Without Elite Wolves competing, there would have been a quite different outcome in the qualifier.

Playing in third-party tournaments is not uncommon for banned players. Power Gaming, which features four players from the banned Arrow Gaming roster, has continued to compete in regional tournaments such as MPGL without issue. Elite Wolves has competed under intense scrutiny in multiple tournaments, including WePlay’s Season 3 LAN, since the alleged fixed games against Infamous in February.

Slingshot has reached out to Dota Pit and the Elite Wolves for comment.

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