A Korean pro’s name has been wrong on lolesports for weeks

UPDATE: As of 5:05 p.m. Wednesday, lolesports has fixed Maha’s name.

On the routine stroll of Riot’s official website of teams and their pros in League Champions Korea I had something nagging me to check the roster for MVP, the team I was able to profile during my stay in Korea before the summer split. Then I noticed that the AD Carry Maha and support Max had the same name: Jung Jong-Bin.

I had a feeling that there was something wrong with that, so I double checked my notes from the interview and was able to confirm that Maha’s name is Oh Hyun-Sik and Max’s name was Jung Jong-Bin.

Thoroughly amused, I pinged lolesports’ Twitter about it on Sept. 21, thinking that it was a hiccup or something.

Ever since, I’ve been pinging them frequently in hopes of getting it fixed.

I even garnered a comment from the official English Twitter account for MVP, but it remains incorrect.


Look, I get it. Koreans have interesting names, and Maha and Max kind of look alike. It’s actually a joke. Daily eSports is publishing multi-part interviews of MVP players and the first one is about how much Maha and Max look alike.

But it’s getting kind of ridiculous. I know MVP was a mostly meddling rookie team in League Champions Korea this year, but it’s still in one of your leagues, Riot. So to anyone reading this, MVP’s bot lane is made up of Oh “Maha” Hyun-Sik and Jung “Max” Jong-Bin.

Here’s hoping this does the trick.

Slingshot staff writer and Korean League of Legends expert who also owns a Pikachu-themed iPhone case.

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