BK Stars’ Twilight says he didn’t expect to make Apex playoffs

The BK Stars scored a second victory for Overwatch Apex Season 1 on Wednesday with a 3-0 defeat of MVP Space. The Stars’ Lee “Twilight” Joo-Seok showed solid support play as Ana and commented about his team’s success in an interview with Fomos’ Son Chang-Sik.

“We won our games more easily than I thought, so I feel good,” he told Fomos. On the topic of his amateur team taking down two professional ones, he commented that he “didn’t even expect to make the playoffs,” but now that he “has the confidence to win now that the team is on the stage.”

Fomos also asked Twilight about the recent patch that hit Ana, which increased her ultimate cost. Twilight commented that there was “no big impact on the team,” and that the patch “isn’t enough to change the meta.”

The BK Stars will next play North America’s NRG, and Twilight revealed that they are “watching NRG’s games through YouTube, but (he thinks) that (BK) can win” if they play with some factors in mind.

Lastly Twilight said that BK will be aiming to make it to the semifinals for now, and that he’s “confident that (BK) can make it to quarters with the two victories.”

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