Riot Games has donated $3.1 million to protect Korean cultural heritage

CORRECTION: The first edition of this article did not reflect the most recent change in exchange rate between won and U.S. dollars. The updated totals in U.S. dollars have been changed from $800,000 and $3.5 million.

In Riot Games’ five years of donating to protecting Korean cultural heritage, its latest donation of 800 million Korean won (roughly $700,000) put their total monetary donations to over 3.5 billion won (or about $3.1 million), writes GameMeca’s Kim Mee-Hee.

Riot Games hosted a ceremony Tuesday at the National Palace Museum with Korea’s Cultural Heritage Administration where it announced its latest donation and plans. The latest round of money will be used for such causes as recovery of cultural artifacts and educational programs.

Riot Games in 2014 helped with the recovery of a priceless piece of Korean artwork held by the American Hermitage Museum, and it more recently donated 500 million won to help restore the Korean Legation Building in Washington, D.C.

Riot Games’ further plans are to assist in reconstructing and protecting the 4 Palaces that are at the forefront of Korean culture, as well as spearheading an educational program targeted at Riot’s young demographic, which aims to host a tour of historical sites that will begin in March 2017 and last until December.

Riot Games’ Korean representative Lee Seung-Hyun told GameMeca he “hopes more people have interest of Korean culture through (their) efforts,” and that they will “produce even more positive results with the support of League of Legends players for the protection of cultural heritage since 2012.”

Cover photo: Chris Yunker/flickr

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