The Filter of Humanity

I’ve heard this comment a lot throughout my writing career from both casual and hardcore fans. It is something along the lines of, “I can’t stand when X region wins Y tournament.” The biggest examples of this being in League of Legends and SC2 where Korea is the most dominant region for both games. It is always viewed through an us or them kind of filter.

I can’t be bothered to tell someone who or why they should like some player or team or region. All I’ll say is that from what I’ve seen most fans either follow along for either the how or the who. How did they win (strategic, tactics, skill) and who won. They latch onto whatever local heroes they have because for them that is the good story.

As someone who has watched all of these games, tournaments and players, if the story of a player is what you’re actually most interested in, then let go of the lens of region and race. Because before all of that shit, people are people. Humanity can always empathize¬†with humanity and you’ll see an entire story you would have missed otherwise.

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