Fans boo Samsung Galaxy; Twitter gets angry

The League of Legends community just can’t help itself sometimes.

And no, that’s not directed at the crowd that booed Samsung Galaxy heavily before Samsung played Cloud9 in Thursday’s League of Legends World Championship qualifier. The ire is reserved for the people who immediately flocked to Twitter to complain about the booing as if they’re watching a golf or tennis tournament instead of a video game.


Even some pros and other respected people in the League of Legends scene were upset with the crowd for booing.

Is this really something to be upset about? I hope none of the people upset ever go to an international soccer game. They do a lot worse than boo.

This faux outrage needs to stop. The fans didn’t throw anything on stage. They didn’t threaten the players. They booed. It’s an international world championship tournament. This isn’t a high school basketball game with teachers on the sidelines ready to pull you out of the cheering section if you say anything negative (though I recognize the age range isn’t far off. High school was also the last time I booed at anything, so take that for what you will).

We’re going to wring our hands for fans booing when League of Legends is a competitive environment where trash talk between teams and players isn’t just prevalent, but it’s often encouraged? Let’s get real.

What the players are competing for? That’s serious stuff. Fans booing is not. Loosen up.

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