I’m terrible at technicalities

I’ve always been terrible at remembering people’s names, numbers, specific names of tournaments or the proper spelling of things. This may come as a surprise since many think those are the basics for writing and coverage.

I wouldn’t know since whatever I did to get here probably wasn’t a normal path. My essential problem is how I remember things. The best way to explain it is to ask yourself how you know 2 + 2 =4, but 4 doesn’t always equal to 2+2, it could also be 3+1, 1+3, 4+0, 0+4 and an infinite amount of different sequences.

The way my memory works, function and form create the identity. I can’t look at a stats box to remember their name. I need to see the game, the hows, the whys, the whos, then whens. I’ve never written a Fruitdealer article, but even now over 5 years since his retirement from SC2, I could still tell anyone his entire SC2 career baring his real name because for me all of the other stuff is what made him who he was in SC2.

I’ve written multiple articles about SK and their rise to the top, what they did and how they got there, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember their full names or the exact dates at which tournaments they placed where. But I could describe in harrowing detail where they started, what they did, the problems they faced, how they overcame those problems and why they eventually became the best in the world. I can play out specific important rounds in my head that I thought were pivotal in describing who a player was.

Anyway, that’s how my mind works. I focus on who and what a person is rather than the minute details.

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