Ruler on being booed: “It was a good experience.”

At least one Samsung Galaxy player didn’t mind being booed.

Before Thursday’s quarterfinal match in the League of Legends World Championship between Samsung and Cloud9, Samsung’s players received loud boos from the Chicago crowd when the team was introduced. There were more faint boos when each player was introduced individually.

The booing was probably a result of the Korean team Samsung playing the last remaining North American team in the tournament. It caused a stir on social media, but Samsung’s Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk didn’t seem to be bothered by the boos.

“I think it was a worthy experience to me,” Ruler told Slingshot afterward through an interpreter. “It was really weird to get booed at some point and also get cheered on later, so I think it was a good experience.”

Samsung defeated Cloud9 3-0 in a rather clean and quick match. The fans changed their tune after the match, cheering for Samsung at the end of the match and again as they filed out of the Chicago Theater when they noticed Samsung’s players on a level above them waiting to do interviews.

Ruler also said the general crowd support is one of his favorite things about worlds being in North America.

“My hope is that one day people will chant, ‘Samsung! Samsung!'”

Samsung has advanced to the semifinals next week in New York and will play the winner of H2K and Albus NoX Luna.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games

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