People are people

I’m never as outraged as a majority of fans when some famous pro or pundit or esports personality says something that could be considered offensive . The reason for this is because I don’t hold famous personalities to a higher standard than normal random anonymous people.

I’ve read some terrible things over forums, but all I’ve done is at most tell them why what they were saying was dumb. That was it, I’ve never gone out of my way to demand extra punishment or demand a kowtow level of apology. Which isn’t to say that saying something offensive shouldn’t have consequences.

Essentially to me, all people are people. And they all get the same consideration I give to any particular person. What did they say, how, where, why, the entire context of it both in the internet and in their own culture, etc.

Maybe the problem with me is that on some fundamental level I don’t hold famous people to a higher standard because I don’t think they are better or worse than me. They just are.

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