Taimou, EnVyUs punished for lewd comment

OGN Overwatch Apex has seized Team EnVyUs’ fight money for one game and issued the team a warning after making lewd comments, OGN announced Friday.

Timo “Taimou” Kettunen made a controversial comment towards a Korean announcer Wednesday in the chat during the Twitch stream of Apex, typing “I wanna explore that interviewer girl’s thighs.”

OGN cited a violation of article 8, clauses 2 to 3 regarding sportsmanlike conduct, defining sexual harassment as “an act that can be interpreted as sexually uncomfortable or insulting,” and pointed out that they had the authority to levy penalties to such behavior.

OGN further explained that the verbal warning applies to both the team and the player, and in the event of two warnings, OGN can take away the team’s to choose sides or maps in future games, and even permanent suspension of teams depending on the circumstances.

Taimou has since released an apology of his own.

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