SC2 Proleague Ends

Kenzi, Korean esports journalist, announced on twitter that Korean Proleague has officially ended. In addition 5 SC2 Kespa teams have disbanded including: SKT, KT, CJ, Samsung and MVP.

At the beginning of 2015, I wrote how the Korean scene was dying for a lack of talent, interest and a lack of tournaments. This is the end of SC2 being supported as a mainstream game in Korea as it’s likely not financially viable and likely hasn’t been at all. The last two standing teams are Jin Air and Afreeca. Jin Air was the pet project of the daughter of the Jin Air project while Afreeca started it’s origins as Startale and probably can’t bring themselves to cut it.

A sad, but likely inevitable end of Korean SC2. This was the first esports game I ever followed seriously and the one that taught me how to analyze and break down competition, players and strategies. It was a good run and I became all the richer for it.

Good night Korean SC2.

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