The anticipation of traveling

Every couple of hours, no matter what I am doing, I take a pause. My ever-processing brain is always laying out plans: get this done, then move on to that. In that state of mind, I recoil from one realization.

“I’m going to New York in a few days.”

It’s a silly thing to be hung up on, but you have to understand: the farthest east I’ve ever been is my home in Colorado. That’s not even that far east; it’s the Midwest.

There’s a lot of reasons why it’s a big deal to me. First and foremost, it’s getting to work on the ground as press during one of the biggest matches in League of Legend’s recent history, and one with a lot of emotional investment for me. Second would be meeting several people that are good colleagues of mine, and some that have allowed me to pursue this career path. Third, there’s so much history back east for the United States, and it’s a different breed than the frontier exploration storyline I’ve grown up with. There’s colonial history, there’s Revolutionary War and Civil War history, there’s just… so much ingrained back there that I’ve merely read about. For just a moment, I get to breathe it in. Lastly, there’s the fact it will be the biggest city I’ve ever been in. I’ve been described as a “city boy” by some remarkably rural people, but I have a feeling it will be painfully obvious how lost I get in a city.

I fly out in just a few days. Only a few dozen more hours until I step foot off the plane and have the next realization hit me.

“I’m here.”

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