A Tale of Two Orgs

I don’t believe that every team or player should live up to some universal code of ethics or sportsmanship. Thier only imperative is to try to win and the rules and admins are there to make the tournament and matches as clean and pure as possible.

I do believe everyone has to have their own set of morals they have to live to and they set for themselves. Even if an action isn’t illegal, that doesn’t mean it is moral. For instance, promoting skin gambling to children is an immoral thing to do even if it was legal up until recently.

Today we had two orgs face two different decisions. aTTax and ENCE.

aTTax lost a game to Singularity and the Faceit Admin found a bug in the demo. This was 25 seconds in an eco round and they awarded the win to aTTax. aTTax had the choice between following the rules and winning or ignoring the rules and accepting their loss as it was a fair match.

ENCE faced a similar dilemma as their opponents LDLC were a man down because of technical issues and were forced to play 4v5 despite ENCE offering to postpone the match, the admins forced it through. They wasted their own timeouts to help LDLC buy time so they could play 5v5.

Both decisions are completely valid by both orgs and both will affect how the public thinks about you. aTTax lost respect for their non-decision to follow the rules and ENCE gained respect for their adhesion to their own ideal of sportsmanship.

These are both actions and both orgs will have to live with the consequences of those actions for good or ill.

Slingshot senior columnist. StarCraft and CS:GO expert who pushes narratives over numbers.

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