Rough Drafts podcast: Worlds quarterfinal recap

In Part 1 of our recap of the League of Legends World Championship quarterfinals, Chase “RedShirtKing” Wassenar and Walter “Ceades” Fedczuk break down a week filled with absolutely no surprises whatsoever. Together, they discuss how Samsung’s rebuild dominated the great North American hope, whether Royal Never Give Up or EDward Gaming put up the best resistance against the Korean powerhouse, and how the Church of Godgiven managed to overtake an underwhelming performance by Albus NoX Luna.

In Part 2, Chase and Walter look towards the incredibly exciting semifinals they’ll be seeing live in NYC. Together, they discuss how the ROX Tigers and SK Telecom will try to attack the few weak points on display, why you never want to bet against Faker, and whether there’s any hope that Odoamne’s resurgence means H2k-Gaming can contend with the surging Samsung Galaxy. They also wrap up their Guess the Lines Challenge and ask that anyone with a good punishment idea contact them to let them know.