Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

When you go into an event, there is a very exasperating and frustrating moment before the big match. That is the day right before the match. You’ve already practiced all you can and in some way you know you probably shouldn’t practice more, but you want to just to give yourself something to do.

It gets annoying and restless and you start to get irritable as the big moment, the one you’ve been working towards is coming. The tension of knowing you are about to fight someone for the chance to either win or get one step closer to the title that you’ve been waiting for for so long.

But that irritation, that annoyance starts to melt away and the moment comes. This is the moment where either great bliss happens (that’s what Luppis described it as) or some players start to break down.

It is the moment before the storm, where you both dread and anticipate when the match finally starts.




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