Two players leave Kongdoo Monster for “personal reasons”

Seok “Hipo” Hyun-Joon and Kim “Crush” Joon-Seo have left the Kongdoo Monsters “due to personal reasons.”

The official Facebook account for the League Champions Korea team announced Thursday that the two players have left the Monsters due to personal reasons, and further announced that the monsters will compete in the upcoming KeSPA Cup with the remaining five members and wished luck to the departing duo

The Kongdoo company also announced the hiring of Park Yong-Woon as head director of of esports. Kongdoo said in the announcement that it aims to expand its brand into China with Park’s coaching experience in China, while also acting as an agency to foster amateur talent from both Korea and China, and finally to make an all-Chinese female pro gaming team by December of this year.

This comes at an interesting time when the Kongdoo Monsters have requalified for League Champions Korea for the 2017 spring split, with the inclusion of Lee “Zefa” Jae-Min, who coached the team in the Challenger series.

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