KRiMZ the Swing Vote

On Twitter, Dekay reported the rumors of KRiMZ switching to Fnatic after EPICENTER were true. This is surprising for a few reasons. Godsent has finally started to right their ship as a team. Secondly, KRiMZ himself has had a downward spiral in form and while wenton or lekro haven’t been incredible, they’ve been good enough to try out for a few more events. But the key deciding factor is that you need 3/5 players to keep the Major spot. KRiMZ/JW/flusha had it on Godsent, but by moving to Fnatic, olof/dennis/KRiMZ get it instead.

Since KRiMZ is the only player among the two groups to get along with both he gets to decide both what team he wants to play for and what team gets the Major spot. So when everyone else was playing CS:GO, he was playing survivor. I remember the Fnatic manager said that he suspected that KRiMZ could have swung either way in the Swedish Schism, but he guessed that he chose Fnatic because the old synergy was there and it would be the “easier” path. As that has been proven to be false,maybe he took his golden ticket back to Fnatic?

Either way this roster move is so crazy, I give it a AAA RTZ rating.

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