The double roster change

It was officially confirmed that KRiMZ has gone back to Fnatic in the place of lekr0. It’s surprising as lekr0 was the better player than wenton, however in the initial deal lekr0 was supposed to stay on with GodSent. I think this helps Godsent as KRiMZ wasn’t good on that roster and lekr0 has aggression they need.

The other roster swap was Astralis taking gla1ve from Heroic. It’s too bad as I wanted to see that Heroic lineup play out some more, but it was inevitable. niko (not to be confused with NiKo or nico) has taken his place on Heroic.

This offseason shows the power of the Major system. If a team splits apart after getting their legendary status into a party of 2 and 2, the 5th player can leverage his position to get into one team and then the other thus playing the entire system.


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