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Blank on reaching the finals, practicing on the NA server and gut feelings

Slingshot’s Andrew Kim caught up with SK Telecom T1’s Kang “Blank” Sun-Gu (in Korean and translated to English) after SKT earned a spot in the finals of the League of Legends World Championship. They talked about gut feelings, the upcoming matchup and practicing in America.

Andrew Kim: Congratulations on making it to the grand finals. Could you share a few words on how you’re feeling?

Kang “Blank” Sun-Gu: I don’t know what team we will face, but I think both are very strong. I think we’re stronger than either so I think we can win in the finals.

AK: You mentioned in an OGN interview that you have a gut feeling before games. Did you get the same good feeling before today’s games?

KSG: After the ROX Tigers vs. EDward Gaming game in quarters, the EDG players came to meet us. (Lee “Scout” Ye-Chan) used to be on SKT, and that’s when I got that feeling. When I saw him, I just got a feeling without reason. I thought that if we could win in the semis, we’ll probably win in the finals.

AK: Over the course of five games, you were switching with Bae “Bengi” Seong-Ung. What’s the decision making like on that front?

KSG: We take into consideration how many mistakes were made after each game and who can make each turn matter. It’s also important to see how we are feeling before each game, our form, and shot calling.

AK: How was the practice environment like in North America?

KSG: It was better than what it was during the Mid-Season Invitational. I think that international tournaments make me feel less nervous compared to back home, and solo queue is more comfortable because I can’t really communicate with anyone.

AK: What do you mean by the comfort of not being able to communicate in solo queue?

KSG: Even if I did try to say something, it wouldn’t be understood clearly. Whatever my team says, all I need to do is focus on my game.

AK: Speaking of solo queue, How is the skill of North American solo queue compared to Korea?

KSG: I’ve played in a lot of different regions like Korea, China, and America, and I think they’re all pretty similar.

AK: SKT has never been to Game 5 against the Tigers before. Why do you think it went to that today?

KSG: I think ROX’s support Miss Fortune pick was a large factor in it. It was such an unexpected pick that we thought it was a random one at first. Even after dropping game 2, we didn’t know what really to do with her, which led to a 5 game series.

AK: Do you have a gut feeling for the finals?

KSG: I did have it before quarters, so I want to win with that. It would great if we could win 3-0, but winning is the most important, and I am confident that we can win no matter how many games it comes down to. We will win.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games