Marc Merrill statement about Whalen Rozelle’s statement about hiring Montecristo [Parody]

Love me some Riot, but if they’re so concerned about being League of Legends being the best place for casters, maybe he should spend some more of the billions he has made / makes from League of Legends on paying them instead of investing in other games where he is losing money?

Riot is one of the generally “good guy” game employers, but there is still a long way to go to help all of the employers into a better state where the balance of power between employers & talent is a bit more equitable – it’s not our call (nor should it be) to determine market pricing for casters, but when employers don’t want to shell out for top talent, that’s a tricky problem.

We’ve done a lot historically to help¬†support the bottom nd of the ecosystem to help minimize the scenarios where bad employers can exploit casters and we look forward to continuing to do more to help at the other ends of the spectrum too such as for stars.

In our opinion, employers need to continue to develop casting talent and pay them. We do not mind at all if there is a massive delta in comparison between the top casters and the rookies – so if you’re a Montecristo/ DoA and can do well against the best casters in the world – don’t be shy about recognizing your value in your negotiations with your employer.

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