SSG coach on long losing streak against SKT: “We made it to worlds (by) breaking our 0-19 record against KT Rolster.”

Samsung Galaxy is geared to face two-time world champion SK Telecom T1 in the final of the League of Legends World Championship, and many believe the time is ripe for a third crown on the head of SKT.

In an interview with Fomos’ Son Chang-Sik, Samsung’s head coach Choi “Edgar” Woo-Bum was asked what he felt about the fact that Samsung wasn’t able to beat SKT once since rebuilding its entire roster following the 2014 season. Choi’s answer was simple.

“We made it to worlds (by) breaking our 0-19 record against KT Rolster.”

This isn’t the first time Samsung would be going up against impossible odds after its well-documented rebuild. In a sense, the fact that they are in the grand finals of worlds itself is already an accomplishment that no one expected, inside the team or out.

The path in which they took to make it to worlds was also one paved with thorns. After losing to KT Rolster in the summer playoffs, Samsung would have to face them yet again in the regional gauntlet with the crushing fact that they had yet to take a single game off of KT. Yet the outcome is now history. Samsung made it, and KT didn’t.

Samsung is aware of its position as the underdog, but that doesn’t change the mindset of the team. They intend to go into the finals the same way they went into the gauntlet.

“Having the best finals with the best team itself is an honor,” Woo-Bum told Fomos. “We will try our best with the mindset of a challenger.”

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