Why I prefer articles for debate.

I am prone to making controversial statements from time to time. It was bound to happen as my views won’t always align with the majority of people and I’m unafraid to express them. In some way I think it is my responsibility to be honest so that those few who do follow me know that they don’t have to dissect or question everything I say.

Because of that people sometimes get into arguments with me over twitter or people want me to go on shows to debate my points. I’m generally against it as the twitter is limited both by space and the fact that it isn’t easy to go back and find the argument once it’s written. Also because it is a series of fast-paced posts, neither party really gets to sit down and digest the ideas of what was written.

I don’t like live debates often either as a majority of them go the way of the presidential candidate debate (granted with much lower stakes involved). People get angry, irrational and contrary when faced with a direct person and think debate is some kind of game of mortal kombat where one person must be definitively right and the other must be definitively wrong. Most of the time people cut each other off so if someone is making an interesting point, they lose it after being interrupted and no one ever goes back to what he said.

Though if you get the right people, it works out fine and for obvious reasons gets more people to watch it.

Slingshot senior columnist. StarCraft and CS:GO expert who pushes narratives over numbers.

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