The Liquid problem is more multifaceted than Friendship

A decent amount of the reactions to Breaking Point is that friendship could have solved all of their issues and why didn’t everyone listen to Matt?


Friendship could have solved a lot of their communication problems, but you don’t need friendship to communicate with people. There were multiple break downs with people’s self-evaluation, egos and ability to deal with each other. And even if all of that could have been solved somehow (doesn’t seem likely), Dardoch brings up a good point. Was this team ever really good enough to actually win? There were too many problems and no one was willing to give full authority to one person or another so there was no way to isolate a single factor in the equation to figure out if it was part of a problem or the entire problem. When Dardoch was analyzing why TL was losing with Moon, he came to the conclusion that Moon wasn’t playing great, but it wasn’t really all of Moon’s fault.

At the end, they weren’t able to find a way to figure out what were the most important problems and fix those.

It is more interesting and easier to pin it all on overinflated egos and lack of friendship, but the disband of the team had a lot more problems than they didn’t like each other.

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