FORG1VEN announces free agency

Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou announced on Facebook Thursday his contract with H2K has expired, and he is looking to negotiate with new teams for next season.

FORG1VEN has laid out some ground rules for prospective signers, saying that he is willing to compete “literally anywhere” as long as some of the conditions are met.

At least two out of four players must be able to communicate/speak english with a proper coaching infrastructure that has competitive experience,” he wrote. “ Preferably LCS, Challenger League possible but less of a priority.”

He went as far to say that he actually prefers to stay out of his home region of Europe, and is looking for a brand new challenge.

“I am still motivated to continue competing since it’s the only literally aspect of the game that i purely enjoy and gets me going,” he wrote. “I would prefer to not stay in Europe since its a very stagnant region from many aspects except if random offer comes in, which i can’t foresee at the moment. So, i just want to explore a new region, which means a new refreshing challenge.”

He also clarified that a standing offer from H2K is still on the table, and thanked them for the chance to compete nonetheless. In the event that he chooses not to sign with any team, he plans to stay in his home country of Greece.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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