Wenton out, Disco Doplan in

Despite whatever Fnatic have said about believing in the 5 man lineup of wenton, lekro, olofmeister, dennis and twist to get to the top, no on ever believed it. No one really believed wenton was hired for his aim either. So when the news came out that wenton was finally outed for Disco Doplan, there was neither surprise or shock. Just a mild feeling of finally, they found someone to replace him.

The question is if it was the right someone. Wenton wasn’t lighting up the score board and Disco Doplan is obviously a better individual player. The question for this team however is identity. As it stands now they have olofmeister, dennis, twist, Disco Doplan and KRiMZ. From where I’m standing it looks like there are 4 “star” players and one supportive player in KRiMZ. And KRiMZ’s form has been terrible since the olofmeister injury. Disco Doplan was the star of Epsilon so are they going to just shove him into whatever roles are left after olofmeister, dennis and twist take theirs?

Fnatic has the firepower, but I’m still really unsure about their identity as a team.

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