Never get the flowers while you can still smell them

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When talking about all time great players or teams, a similar theme pops up over and over again. That is that of the boring Champion or player. In CS:GO we had the Fnatic era with KRiMZ, olofmeister, JW, flusha and pronax. In SC2 there was Mvp. That lineup of Fnatic was considered the greatest to have ever played the game, but in their heyday they were one of the most hated teams in the circuit. They were the away team in every country, including their own. In Mvp’s case, he was called Sleepy Jung in Korea for his perfect immaculate and thus boring play. At the time many preferred his much flashies counterparts, players like MarineKing, MMA and Nestea.

It is only after they fall off do spectators and fans realize what they had missed the entire time. No team ever played quite like that version of Fnatic (not even the version of Fnatic that replaced pronax with dennis). Mvp became the most popular champion only after enduring career ending injuries and fighting against the worst matchups and worst metas of his career and in history.

It’s hard to understand why this is the case. Why is it that certain greats are only appreciated after they’re gone or after they’ve gone into a slump? Whatever the case, enjoy the greats of today. Don’t be afraid to heap praise on them during their peaks of dominance. As Kanye says,¬†People never get the flowers while¬†they can still smell ’em.


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