ESC Ever’s LoKeN on defending KeSPA Cup title: “I want to be better and be able to hold the title of ‘best’ next to my name.”

The opening match of the KeSPA Cup between ESC Ever and CJ Entus on Wednesday featured some unorthodox champion picks in ESC Ever’s 2-0 win.

Ever’s AD Carry Lee “LoKeN” Dong-Wook surprised many by choosing Varus in the bottom lane to great effect, and in a post match interview Daily eSports’ Nam Yun-Sung said it was due to experience in solo queue.

“I went up against a Varus during solo queue and I had a hard time even farming in lane,” he told Daily eSports. “So I prepared it as a surprise pick against CJ, and I think it worked very well.”

Another interesting pick from Ever was in the top lane as Kim “Crazy” Jae-Hee elected to use Nautilus. According to LoKeN, this choice was also influenced by solo queue.

“He said he played Nautilus against Kennen before in lane and won a lot,” he said. “So I think that’s why he pulled it out again today.”

Nobody has heard from ESC Ever since completing its first LCK season, but LoKen said the team was well prepared for CJ and wary of playing against a team that was relegated.

“A lot of the other teams have said that CJ has gotten much better since their reforming,” he said. “Personally was wary of their AD Carry (Park “Momo” Min-Sik). When I met him in solo queue, I played with more caution. I wanted to win in lane today as well.”

With Ever being the defending KeSPA Cup champions, there is a fair amount of pressure on Ever, but LoKeN is more concerned about his own personal growth and skill.

“I still have much to learn,” he said. “I want to be better and be able to hold the title of ‘best’ next to my name.”

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