It’s conveinent to beat one untrained scrub, It’s more exciting to beat 100 trained elites

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When reflecting on the career of EternaLEnVy, I came to realize why he was one of the most intriguing players in Dota2 (besides his gameplay style and his inexplicable ability to create teams that can throw huge leads and come back from large deficits). He legitimately thinks to himself what is the most possible anime storyline you could get and then he lives it.

Basically, it’s more fun trying to beat all of the best players and teams in the world rather than joining a Championship winning team and then get trophies. In the same sense, there is a certain type of glory that can only be found in times of extreme difficulty. That is why sAviOr became a bonjwa. He revolutionized ZvT in a time where all other Zergs had run out of ideas and his strategies and tactics saved that entire race in Brood War. Bisu did the same thing for PvZ by defeating sAviOr at his height and became known as the revolutionist.

Mvp became SC2’s greatest legend because of his injuries and his ability to win in in his worst matchups and in the worst meta to have existed in SC2’s history in bl/infestor. An imbalance so bad, it is still cited as one of the main reasons as to the decline of SC2 ‘s popularity.

The more unfair everything is, the more incredible a player looks when they overcome those adversities.


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