Jin Air’s Teddy: “I think we have a chance at beating (ROX.)”

Jin Air Green Wings sub AD Carry Park “Teddy” Jin-Sung said that he thinks Jin Air could take down the ROX Tigers.

Following a win against Longzhu Gaming in the KeSPA Cup on Thursday, Teddy shared his thoughts about Jin Air’s next game against the ROX Tigers in the quarterfinals. During an interview with OSEN’s Ko Yong-Jun, Teddy showed more confidence than people expected him to.

“I think we have a chance at beating them,” he said. “I haven’t faced them during solo queue that much. I’ve heard that the stronger teams aren’t practicing for the KeSPA Cup, so I think we have a chance. I know (Kim “Pray” Jong-In) in an incredible player, so I’d like for us to take turns playing Jhin back and forth for three games.”

This statement comes across as even more of a surprise when he also shared that he didn’t enter today’s game even expecting a win for his debut.

“I didn’t come in today expecting a win, but it feels good that we did,” he said. “I am the most confident in Jhin. I think they banned Corki away because I played a lot of Corki in our practice games against Longzhu.”

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