#FF CS:GO Edition

‘Chiu on this’ is a short and regular opinion blast

This edition is about some CS:GO twitters you should follow if you’re interested in the scene.  As I am new (or relatively new) to CS:GO, these are the twitters I’ve found the most useful or entertaining when getting information.

@Thooorin – Good analysis, jokes and the best historical knowledge. Also does a huge amount of content both video and written. Also covers a wide variety of esports.

@Rlewisreports – Also does a huge amount of video content. Covers all of the industry side stuff as well as analysis every once in a while.

@wallabeeBeatle – One of the CS:GO writers I follow. Has a strong sense of the NA CS:GO scene from what I’ve read. Isn’t Australian.

@lurppis_ – If you want to learn CS:GO as fast as possible as a game, he’s probably the best twitter to follow. Answers questions often and gives very high-quality analysis tweets. Also has some good jokes himself.

@JoshNissan – He doesn’t tweet that much analysis, but follow him for his CS:GO videos. A lot of them are extremely informative and his demo reviews of specific players are great.

FalleN also did some English tutorial videos. You can see his Games Academy videos here. His video about roles is also great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdKq1j5L8AY Steel also did a really good video about the same topic.

@ZeusCS_GO One of the funniest CS:GO twitters.

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