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SKT Faker: “I want to popularize a champion no one uses.”

Three time world champion Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok said he wanted to make an unpopular champion viable.

After Friday’s KeSPA Cup match against KeG Choongchungnam-do, Faker said he wants to use an unexpected champion pick while giving some insight on his “practice” during worlds in an interview with OSEN’s Ko Yong-Jun.

“I want to popularize a champion no one uses,” he said. “I don’t play my main champions during solo queue. I practiced a lot of Ryze during worlds because he was hard to use. I didn’t use him this match since they kept banning him out.”

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for SK Telecom T1, as they have just recently returned to their home country after their visit to Riot headquarters, and some rest was certainly in order, since according to Faker, some teammates were feeling under the weather.

“Our goal is of course winning the KeSPA Cup,” he said. “I’m happy that we’re onto a good start. I think we’ve gotten rid of all the fatigue from worlds. We did have some trouble though, as a cold went around the team starting with (Bae “Bengi” Seong-Ung).”

Faker added that the victory over KeG Choongnam was a matter of pride, saying that “it would have been embarrassing” if SKT dropped against “an amateur team,” and that he will continue to work hard in order to “maintain the pride of the team.”

With their ride to the quarterfinals, they will be facing Team MVP, a team that delivered a surprising defeat to SKT during the League Champions Korea summer split. Faker shared that he will treat them like any other team in the running.

“I think all the Korean teams are strong,” he said. “I remember thinking that (MVP) was strong last year as well, and we lost to them once. I’m planning to do my best against them this time as well. Seeing as the KeSPA Cup will be the last of the year, I want to use a lot of fun champions. I think the fans can look forward to that.”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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