SpoTV’s KeSPA Cup broadcasts criticized because of delays

SpoTV, the streaming platform for the KeSPA Cup and partner broadcast of OGN for the League Champions Korea regular season, is under heavy criticism due to game delays and reported staff incompetence.

SpoTV has been infamous because of game delays among Korean fans, even during the LCK summer split. It was responsible for a 90-minute delay during a match between the Jin Air Green Wings and KT Rolster in Week 6 of the season. Although they have promised viewers that they will work towards a more smooth viewing experience, another fiasco has taken place during the KeSPA Cup.

There have been three delays between four games during the KeSPA Cup since Wednesday. The first delay was 30 minutes long, as ESC Ever found a bug with ward visibility. A 20-minute delay happened due to issues with game lag, and the most recent delay happened on Thursday during the match between Longzhu Gaming and Jin Air, which involved the changing of multiple computers.

Longzhu’s head coach Kang Dong-Hoon, according to Inven’s Seo Dong-Yong, reportedly complained about the rudeness of the staff during the computer changes, as well as having no time to conduct strategic discussions before the games.

“They found problems with the PCs and the booth was crowded as four or five staff members were walking in and out to change the computers, on top of that, the staff got impatient and was also very rude, impacting the players,” he said. “The players talking about what we have prepared with the coaching staff from the moment we enter the booth until the drafting phase is very important. We must make the decisions what picks to go with and which ones to discard based on how the players are feeling at the moment. As the computers were being switched the players were given no such time, coupled with rude staff members, how could this not negatively affect the players? Furthermore we made sure to ask for time to have our strategy meeting after the setting was complete, but the proceeded to the picks and bans anyway.”

With less solutions and more problems, SpoTV is at a point where without proper steps, they will lose all the good faith and viewership that they were managing to maintain.

UPDATE: SpoTV and the Korean eSports Association issued an official joint apology, clarifying the reasons behind the delay, according to Inven’s Jang Min-Young.

In the apology, the issues raised by Longzhu’s head coach were all confirmed, and assumed all responsibility of negatively impacting the players on Thursday. They also put forth two courses of action to fans; reducing issues by being more careful in the check up process, and reeducating staff members to prevent any future incidents.

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