Mata announces official departure from RNG, wants to play in Korea

After rumors of his departure from Royal Never Give Up, Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong has made it official on his Facebook and said he wishes to return to a Korean squad.

After China’s Demacia Cup, which finished over the weekend, Mata will join Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu and Heo “Pawn” Won-seok as high-profile Korean players leaving their Chinese squads. On Monday, Mata wrote on Facebook and reflected on his time on Royal Never Give Up.

“Hello, this is Mata. I will be leaving RNG with the end of this season,” he wrote. “They were a tough two years that were both a new starting point and wondering how I could improve as a player while winning domestic championships and participating in international ones.”

Mata still seemed to care deeply about his teammates, mentioning that though he has done his best to bring them to new heights, he was afraid that he might have unintentionally gotten in their way.

“My teammates still need my care in order to perform, but on the other hand, I thought that I have been blocking their abilities and restricted their freedoms too much,” he wrote. “I think it was the right call to care more for them rather than myself. Then again, that meant that I couldn’t focus on my own play.”

Finally he wrote that he has been contemplating a comeback to his home region and contrary to the rumors of being a coach, Mata seems that he still wants to play.

“The team really wanted me to stay, and they have offered a lot of support for that, I have personal health concerns and I also wish to play in Korea very much,” he wrote. “I want to thank and am sorry to the fans who cheered and cared for us, the team who has helped me to a great extent, the team translator and my teammates.”

Although it is unsure where Mata will be heading, there will certainly be a high demand player in the coming 2017 season.

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